Which rose is the right one?

Posted by Kerry Meier on September 2, 2013 |

How do I choose the right rose to send to my girlfriend/wife?

dark red – unconcious beauty

red- love

white – purity and innocence

pink – admiration and appreciation

yellow – joy, gladness, friendship

yellow with red tip – friendship / falling in love

orange – desire and enthusiasm

peach – let’s get together

coral – desire

Lavender – enchantment (my favourite – imagine being enchanted!)

red and white together – means Unity, I will love you forever

red and yellow together – strong friendship/love happy feelings

Well with such a choice- it should be easy shouldn’t it!  If only.

There is a simple rule – KISS (keep it simple stupid)  If you have a friend you want to give roses to, choose the yellow for friendship, or you could go with the pink for admiration iff they have achieved something special.

If you have been going out with someone for a little while and want to take it a step further, perhaps coral for desire and peach for lets get together!  MMmm sounds great!  Don’t forget, if you need more help, contact us to guide you through the minefield that is love!love bear

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