What’s the difference?

Posted by Kerry Meier on September 16, 2013 |

I am constantly told by people in the street, that they buy their flowers when they have been marked down at the supermarket, and that way they get the whole weekend out of them. They think they are clever, but I think it is a waste. My customers can tell you why supermarket flowers are not the same as florist flowers.

The bunches that are available at service stations have been exposed to ethylene gas – a gas that causes flowers and fruit to mature or ripen more quickly.  So when your flowers have been sitting outside a servo for a couple of days, they have been exposed to this same gas that is emitted from petrol fumes.  Therefore, even after one day, they have probably matured three or four time more quickly than flowers sitting in your home.


Supermarket flowers are received once a week, placed in buckets of water and left to sit until the weekend when they are reduced in price.  Where is the love? The bunches are put together by unskilled labourers at the wholesalers and they are priced accordingly.  The plastic sleeve they are wrapped in also causes the leaves to crush together and this causes ethylene gas to escape as the leaves start to die.  What happens then is that your flowers begin to mature (once again) before you get them home.

Florists provide specialist care and attention to their flowers.  They are carefully monitored and maintained for the duration of their stay in store, and they are beautifully packaged as a gift or wrapped for security while travelling home.

Can the supermarket or the servo provide arrangements or bunches to your specifications? No

Can they gift wrap a bunch like a florist can, using beautiful embossed papers, or strikingly attractive fabric wraps?  No

Can they do an arrangement that contains just the flowers you want? No

Can they do table centres for weddings, or corporate events? No

Your local florist has been trained by specialists, hold certificates to show they have completed a high level of training, and continue that training to maintain a high standard so they can provide only the best for you, the customer.

Your local florist does it because he/she LOVES it.537186_10151237005150759_647140874_n

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