What do the different flowers mean?

Posted by Kerry Meier on August 26, 2013 |

Every flower has a meaning!

The language of flowers dates back to the days before education was a common thing.  Because so many could not read or write, people used to send each other a small bouquet to give a message to another.  Imagine secret lovers sending a hand written note and being caught out.  Much safer to send a small posy using flowers to give a message, they could be easily disposed of or denied if necessary.

The Forget-me-not meant (believe it or not!) forget me not, fern meant fascination, the white lily was for sweetness, Passionflower was for faith etc.  The meaning of the flowers was commonly known, and this way, feelings could be conveyed to a person quickly and easily.  Imagine how it would have felt to receive a posy of candytuft (Indifference), buttercup (homliness) and ivy (friends)  that would certainly have got the message across – something similar to being dropped by text today! But to receive a bouquetof Myrtle (love) white clover (think of me), Red roses (love) and water lily (purity of heart) would have almost made you burst with excitement!


Today, some of the flowers meanings have changed slightly, and in Australia, we do not have some of the English flowers available to us, so we make do with what we have! We tend to use colour more as a guide, although different flowers are also chosen for different occasions.

Send a small bunch of gerberas to someone you want to cheer up, or ask out, or a bunch of pink roses (friendship)for someone you are just getting to know, or go all out for the one you love with a beautiful bouquet of red roses to tell her or him you love them.

The meanings change over the years, and you will find that flowers like calla lilys that were commonly used as a death flower, are now a popular wedding flower, as is the oriental lily.

Traditionally, pastel shades and whites were used for funerals, but, with today’s tendency to treat a funeral as a celebration of a life rather than it being strictly a sad occasion, more people are choosing to send bright flowers as a cheerful tribute to the life of the person they loved. If you look under roses on our website, the meanings of the different colours is listed for you.  That way, you can make the RIGHT decision!


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