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Posted by Kerry Meier on January 6, 2014 |

Flowers have been part of our lives from the earliest times.  The way we have used them reflects developments and changes in our way of life.  What more pure beauty is there on our earth?

From the earliest times, people have “arranged” flowers in vases, usually jugs, pitchers or similar containers.  What we think of as arrangements today was not in evidence until more recent times.  Real arrangements did not  make an appearance until the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Even so, arrangements and styles vary from culture to culture.  Also, the style of receptacle has changed to reflect the preferences of each culture.

Many traditional styles used different methods of holding the flowers where they were desired.  Such items as sand, clay, moss or sticks were used inside vases, and the flowers were the last item to be inserted where required.  Today, we are very lucky to have items such as Oasis (or floral foam) which not only holds the stems in place but also allows the flowers to draw water up through their stems in an uninterrupted flow.

Fortunately, do to great learning methods, and our constant updating of our skills, the staff at Floral Notes are able to create any style of arrangement there is, so you can have anything you desire,

Modern arrangements underwent a major change when the Japanese style of “Ikebana” was introduced to the western world.  Because it was so extremely different, it has led to many different techniques and materials being used in some very interesting ways.

Everything from everyday arrangements, to weddings, funereal arrangements, corporate and party arrangements has undergone a major change in the availability of styles.  You can have tall arrangements, small posy style, elegant paralell arrangements, garden style or vegetative arrangements and newer emerging styles that make you wonder how they did it!


Whatever style of flower arrangement you like, talk to us, we can make suggestions, or challenge us with a theme.  You might be surprised what we can do for you!

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