Part of our lives

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Flowers have been part of our lives from the earliest times.  The way we have used them reflects developments and changes in our way of life.  What more pure beauty is there on our earth?

From the earliest times, people have “arranged” flowers in vases, usually jugs, pitchers or similar containers.  What we think of as arrangements today was not in evidence until more recent times.  Real arrangements did not  make an appearance until the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Even so, arrangements and styles vary from culture to culture.  Also, the style of receptacle has changed to reflect the preferences of each culture.

Many traditional styles used different methods of holding the flowers where they were desired.  Such items as sand, clay, moss or sticks were used inside vases, and the flowers were the last item to be inserted where required.  Today, we are very lucky to have items such as Oasis (or floral foam) which not only holds the stems in place but also allows the flowers to draw water up through their stems in an uninterrupted flow.

Fortunately, do to great learning methods, and our constant updating of our skills, the staff at Floral Notes are able to create any style of arrangement there is, so you can have anything you desire,

Modern arrangements underwent a major change when the Japanese style of “Ikebana” was introduced to the western world.  Because it was so extremely different, it has led to many different techniques and materials being used in some very interesting ways.

Everything from everyday arrangements, to weddings, funereal arrangements, corporate and party arrangements has undergone a major change in the availability of styles.  You can have tall arrangements, small posy style, elegant paralell arrangements, garden style or vegetative arrangements and newer emerging styles that make you wonder how they did it!


Whatever style of flower arrangement you like, talk to us, we can make suggestions, or challenge us with a theme.  You might be surprised what we can do for you!


Flowers make us happy…

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How do you feel when you have flowers in the house?  For myself, I know that every time I walk into a room, my eyes go straight to the flowers, whether they are on the table, bench, or to the side near the wall.  I just love the colour, the shapes, and texture of flowers and foliage.  They make me feel like I have a mini garden in the house, the air feels fresher and there is often a subtle aroma that wafts over me.  Mmmmm…..

It has been scientifically proven that flowers have a positive effect on our emotions, so I often wonder why we don’t have them in our house all the time.  Certainly in some countries, it is just a part of their daily shopping routine, get the bread, milk and flowers.  Why not here in Australia?

I have spoken to many locals about this, and they all seem to say that flowers just don’t last in the North Queensland heat.

At Floral Notes, we try to counteract that by using flowers that will last the longest possible time in your home.  Over Christmas, I took home an arrangement that I made using some of the softer flowers, and I am very pleased to report that it has lasted until today(2 January) before a single flower has collapsed.  That is 8 days.  Not bad I think, especially considering the extremely hot weather that we have experienced over the last two weeks.  The only care I gave them was what I tell all of my customers; water them every couple of days, keep them out of direct sunlight, remove any spent blooms and look at them regularly, this way you will get the most from them.

Flowers have an immediate impact on your happiness; depressed and anxious people who receive flowers show a greater appreciation for life and increased satisfaction.  Do you know someone who could benefit from having some flowers in their life?


Are my flowers currently in season?

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Are my favourite flowers currently in season?


This is a question I am asked all the time, and it is a good one.  Many flowers have limited seasons, but due to growers installing hot-houses, and glass-houses, with controlled temperatures, and lighting, some species and varieties are now available for a significant part of the year.

Some flowers and greenery have to be grown outside (ie natives grow on large trees)so they have a defined season.

Due to the marvellous weather in North Queensland, many of our local growers are able to grow flowers through the winter when the southern markets are unable to, which gives florists a longer time to access the flowers you want.

Also, it is possible to access the international market to obtain your preferred flower – at a price of course.  The Colombian Roses and carnations that we have been purchasing recently are just amazing, and the quality exceeds anything I have seen in my time as a florist.

If you are looking for a specific flower,  call in to check with us when it is available.  We are more than happy to help with this information.






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What are these amazing flowers, and where do they come from?

Many orchids originated in South America, but many are also native to Australia, and South east Asia.

The roots of these plants were gathered by herbalists as they contain high levels of carbohydrates and alkaloids and were prized for their curative powers.

In commercial use, they are valued for their long arching form, bright colours and long – lasting flowers.  I have had people tell me that the very last bud had finally opened on an orchid stem that I had placed in an arrangement for them – 3 months after they first received their flowers!

Because orchids have many forms and shapes, they become very user-friendly for events like weddings, table centres, corsages, arrangements, bunches and much more.  They are a very versatile flower, and they create the feeling that you are in the tropics, breathing in the sunny atmosphere!

My personal favourite is the vanda, a flat faced orchid that can grow without any soil, in fact, they are commonly grown by hanging them from the ceiling of a greenhouse and tying them to a bit of wire!

The large and small styles of Cattleya are often scented and have large showy flowers (not as long lasting as some of the other types of orchid), but are beautiful in wedding bouquets.

Cymbidium orchids are also a large or small flower, longer lasting than the Cattleya flowers, but no scent.  They usually prefer a cooler climate so do not often grow in the north. Very popular for weddings or for making a big impact in arrangements.

Slipper Orchids are a more unusual style of flower.  Not so easy to grow in Bowen, as is attested by the local orchid society, although one member has devoted himself to this particular style of flower and has had amazing results.

Phalaenopsis or moth orchid.  Possibly the most popular orchid flower for weddings, and a must for beach weddings.  They are a fairly sturdy flower, long lasting and quite a large flat face area (on the larger styles).

Dendrobium or Singapore orchids.  These are probably the most commonly used in floristry because of their longevity.  They come in an amazing variety of colours and are possibly the best known of the orchid family.


There are so many more types of orchid that I can tell you about, but who would believe that some will spit their pollen sacs at you if you touch their flowers? or that some have flowers so small that you can hardly see them, although they are each a perfect replica of the larger and more showy flowers, that some are tiny plants with large numbers of flowers, or that some are large plants with very few, small flowers.

There is a huge amount of information about orchids and so much more that we don’t know.  Fortunately, there are also lots of people who are interested enough to keep exploring the possibilities!




What’s the difference?

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I am constantly told by people in the street, that they buy their flowers when they have been marked down at the supermarket, and that way they get the whole weekend out of them. They think they are clever, but I think it is a waste. My customers can tell you why supermarket flowers are not the same as florist flowers.

The bunches that are available at service stations have been exposed to ethylene gas – a gas that causes flowers and fruit to mature or ripen more quickly.  So when your flowers have been sitting outside a servo for a couple of days, they have been exposed to this same gas that is emitted from petrol fumes.  Therefore, even after one day, they have probably matured three or four time more quickly than flowers sitting in your home.


Supermarket flowers are received once a week, placed in buckets of water and left to sit until the weekend when they are reduced in price.  Where is the love? The bunches are put together by unskilled labourers at the wholesalers and they are priced accordingly.  The plastic sleeve they are wrapped in also causes the leaves to crush together and this causes ethylene gas to escape as the leaves start to die.  What happens then is that your flowers begin to mature (once again) before you get them home.

Florists provide specialist care and attention to their flowers.  They are carefully monitored and maintained for the duration of their stay in store, and they are beautifully packaged as a gift or wrapped for security while travelling home.

Can the supermarket or the servo provide arrangements or bunches to your specifications? No

Can they gift wrap a bunch like a florist can, using beautiful embossed papers, or strikingly attractive fabric wraps?  No

Can they do an arrangement that contains just the flowers you want? No

Can they do table centres for weddings, or corporate events? No

Your local florist has been trained by specialists, hold certificates to show they have completed a high level of training, and continue that training to maintain a high standard so they can provide only the best for you, the customer.

Your local florist does it because he/she LOVES it.537186_10151237005150759_647140874_n


Do you deliver?

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Can we offer delivery of your flowers?


Flowers can be delivered in Bowen and the nearby surrounds on the same day as you order them.  Some places such as Collinsville, Ayr, Home Hill, and Proserpine, may require an extra day for couriers to be able to effect delivery.  We are proud of the way our couriers take extreme care of your flowers and ensure that they reach their destination in tip top condition.  If you place your order before 4pm on any given day, we will ensure that delivery takes place the following day.  Please ask if you would like flowers delivered to any area in Australia, and, through our relay companies Interflora and Petals,  we can arrange fresh beautiful flowers to be delivered, and we can advise the expected delivery time.


Which rose is the right one?

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How do I choose the right rose to send to my girlfriend/wife?

dark red – unconcious beauty

red- love

white – purity and innocence

pink – admiration and appreciation

yellow – joy, gladness, friendship

yellow with red tip – friendship / falling in love

orange – desire and enthusiasm

peach – let’s get together

coral – desire

Lavender – enchantment (my favourite – imagine being enchanted!)

red and white together – means Unity, I will love you forever

red and yellow together – strong friendship/love happy feelings

Well with such a choice- it should be easy shouldn’t it!  If only.

There is a simple rule – KISS (keep it simple stupid)  If you have a friend you want to give roses to, choose the yellow for friendship, or you could go with the pink for admiration iff they have achieved something special.

If you have been going out with someone for a little while and want to take it a step further, perhaps coral for desire and peach for lets get together!  MMmm sounds great!  Don’t forget, if you need more help, contact us to guide you through the minefield that is love!love bear


Customized flower arrangements

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Can I customise an arrangement?


Providing the flowers are in season, and with enough notice, you can have the flowers you want for an arrangement.  We can order pretty much anything you wish if you let us know in advance what you require.  If the person you are sending the flowers to is a farmer, we have no problem putting in a few “different items” like fruit or vegetables. A bird lover might like our little feather birds.  Butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees are often requested. But, if you have a personal item you would like included in an arrangement of flowers, bring it in and we will do our best to include it.  We have made bouquets with an engagement ring wired into them, single roses with bracelets wound around them, large arrangements with wish pebbles, mars bars, cans of soft drinks and so much more.  ( we have even included a key!) So if there is anything you are thinking of, just ask, we can do it! If you want to design your own bunch, come in to pick out the flowers from our amazing 5 (glass) door cool room.  Bowen’s first and biggest display fridge allows us to display so many more flowers than most florists can, and it makes it IMG_0309 easy for you to choose the flowers you like.


What do the different flowers mean?

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Every flower has a meaning!

The language of flowers dates back to the days before education was a common thing.  Because so many could not read or write, people used to send each other a small bouquet to give a message to another.  Imagine secret lovers sending a hand written note and being caught out.  Much safer to send a small posy using flowers to give a message, they could be easily disposed of or denied if necessary.

The Forget-me-not meant (believe it or not!) forget me not, fern meant fascination, the white lily was for sweetness, Passionflower was for faith etc.  The meaning of the flowers was commonly known, and this way, feelings could be conveyed to a person quickly and easily.  Imagine how it would have felt to receive a posy of candytuft (Indifference), buttercup (homliness) and ivy (friends)  that would certainly have got the message across – something similar to being dropped by text today! But to receive a bouquetof Myrtle (love) white clover (think of me), Red roses (love) and water lily (purity of heart) would have almost made you burst with excitement!


Today, some of the flowers meanings have changed slightly, and in Australia, we do not have some of the English flowers available to us, so we make do with what we have! We tend to use colour more as a guide, although different flowers are also chosen for different occasions.

Send a small bunch of gerberas to someone you want to cheer up, or ask out, or a bunch of pink roses (friendship)for someone you are just getting to know, or go all out for the one you love with a beautiful bouquet of red roses to tell her or him you love them.

The meanings change over the years, and you will find that flowers like calla lilys that were commonly used as a death flower, are now a popular wedding flower, as is the oriental lily.

Traditionally, pastel shades and whites were used for funerals, but, with today’s tendency to treat a funeral as a celebration of a life rather than it being strictly a sad occasion, more people are choosing to send bright flowers as a cheerful tribute to the life of the person they loved. If you look under roses on our website, the meanings of the different colours is listed for you.  That way, you can make the RIGHT decision!



I’ve got Friday on my mind!

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Can I send a bouquet of roses to my girlfriend on Friday?


It doesn’t matter what day you order flowers, you can specify which day you would like them to be delivered.  The old song Monday I’ve got Friday on my mind says it all really.  If you have had a really great weekend and you would like that to continue, just order your flowers for whichever day or date you would like you special someone to receive them.

What could be nicer than to receive some flowers with a beautiful message of love, and to receive them just before the weekend, when you know you will have the time to enjoy them.


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