Customized flower arrangements

Posted by Kerry Meier on August 30, 2013 |

Can I customise an arrangement?


Providing the flowers are in season, and with enough notice, you can have the flowers you want for an arrangement.  We can order pretty much anything you wish if you let us know in advance what you require.  If the person you are sending the flowers to is a farmer, we have no problem putting in a few “different items” like fruit or vegetables. A bird lover might like our little feather birds.  Butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees are often requested. But, if you have a personal item you would like included in an arrangement of flowers, bring it in and we will do our best to include it.  We have made bouquets with an engagement ring wired into them, single roses with bracelets wound around them, large arrangements with wish pebbles, mars bars, cans of soft drinks and so much more.  ( we have even included a key!) So if there is anything you are thinking of, just ask, we can do it! If you want to design your own bunch, come in to pick out the flowers from our amazing 5 (glass) door cool room.  Bowen’s first and biggest display fridge allows us to display so many more flowers than most florists can, and it makes it IMG_0309 easy for you to choose the flowers you like.

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